Beryllium (4)

  1. Beryllium is found in over 100 minerals, include:
  2. Bertrandite (Be4Si2O7(OH)2)
  3. Beryl (Al2Be3Si6O18)
  4. Chrysoberyl (Al2SiO4)
  5. Phenakite (Be2SiO4)
  6. Notable gemstones which contain beryllium include Beryl (Aquamarine, Emerald) and Chrysoberyl.
  7. As a free element it is a steel-gray, strong, lightweight and brittle alkaline earth metal.
  8. Tools made of beryllium copper alloys are strong and hard and do not create sparks when the strike a steel surface, six times stronger than copper alone.
  9. Because of its low density and atomic mass, beryllium is relatively transparent to X-rays, and other forms of ionizing radiation (gamma rays).
  10. Is a steel gray and hard metal that is brittle at room temperature.
  11. Beryllium is non-magnetic.
  12. Thin plates of beryllium used in nuclear weapon designs as the very outer layer of the plutonium pits.