Sulfur (16)

  1. Sulfur compounds include the sulfide minerals, such as:
  2. Pyrite (Iron Sulfide) – FeS2
  3. Cinnabar (Mercury Sulfide)
  4. Galena (Lead Sulfide) – PbS
  5. Sphalerite (Zinc Sulfide)
  6. Stibnite (Antimony Sulfide)
  7. Sulfates Minerals, such as:
  8. Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) – CaSO4.2H2O
  9. Alunite (Potassium Aluminium Sulfate)
  10. Barite (Barium Sulfate)
  11. Element’s largest use is to produce sulfate and phosphate fertilizers. Sulfuric Acid is also a primary industrial chemical.
  12. Other known uses for the element are in matches, insecticides and festicides, and other Biochemical processes.
  13. The Principal ores of copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, and other metals are sulfides.
  14. Sulfuric Acid and SO3 = Oleum, a solution of Pyrosulfuric Acid (H2S2O7) in Sulfuric Acid.
  15. Sulfurous Acid – H2SO3
  16. Sodium Dithionite – Na2S2O4
  17. Sulfur reacts directly with methane to give Carbon Disulfide, used to manufacture cellophane and rayon.
  18. Most important form of sulfur for fertilizer is the mineral Calcium Sulfate.
  19. Sulfur is part of many bacterial defense molecules – most of Beta-lactam anti-biotics.
  20. Elemental Sulfur is a common fungi for grapes and many vegetables.